welcome to my blog

My name is Michael Lamb. I’m a software engineer currently living in Jackson, Mississippi, and I like to write so that’s why this blog exists.

If you want to get to know me better here are a few things about my life:

  1. I founded JXN Film Club and am co-host on JXN Film Club The Podcast because I love movies. Check out my Letterboxd stats. Follow the film club on Instagram @jxnfilmclub and join us on Discord.
  2. I work full-time in software and application development for C Spire across all 3 lines of business.
  3. I have 2 cats, Willow and Monte.

my cats

I deployed this blog for free using Github Pages. The source code for this blog is kept on my GitHub and the repository README has more details about the technologies used to build michaellamb.dev.

If you have any sponsorship inquiries please email me at michael@michaellamb.dev

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