I’m working on some automation tasks and will be using golang to consume a RESTful API and generate reports on data. I’ve already had vscode installed on my personal computer but I also had a few things to do to get my environment set up for learning and iterating. For my full-time job I work using Mac OS and my PC is a Windows machine for gaming; this is the first blog post I’ve written from my PC!

Setting up VCS

Through the powerful features offered by the git version control system (VCS) I will be able to keep a public log of my golang areas of interest as well as use private repositories to solve problems and complete tasks. I installed Git for Windows with the option to also install git bash for Windows. I’m interested in seeing how compatible all of this is with the Windows Subsystem for Linux – which I love using!

Setting Up Repos

I added a new public repo called hello-go where I will document some of the tutorial code I find in a place where I can play around with it.

I also added a new private repo for code related to my automation task.

What’s Coming Up

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